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    Playground, 2016
    A site-specific installation commissioned for LightWorks IV by the UCSB Public Arts Research Lab and the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission, funded by the California Arts Council.
    A public playground swing set is transformed into a computer-controlled video-driven light box - an experimental environment enabling a series of collaborative performance works. Video footage is converted into multi-point LED lighting that fractures the figure and merges performance and electronic media into a hybrid form.
    Eleven performances were developed for ‘Playground,’ in collaboration with aerialists, musicians, dancers, and a-cappella singers. The video includes documentation from several of the works.
    14 x 9 x 5 feet - computer-controlled LEDs, sound system, video footage, vinyl, swing set, construction materials

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  • Nord_Playground_2a
  • view from interior and exterior of aerialists performing

  • Nord_Playground_3
  • still from aerialists' performance
    Video footage of migrating birds drives the spotlighting that fractures the figures-in-motion.

  • Nord_Playground_3-5
  • exterior and interior views of installation during setup and rehearsal

  • Nord_Playground_4a
  • still from 'Star Mangled Banner' performance
    An off-key rendition of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ sung at a Trump rally is transposed and played on viola, modulated by video-driven LEDs that use the musical notes as an algorithm to warp the American flag.

  • Nord_Playground_5a
  • still from dance performance
    dancers' forms are modulated by dynamic LED lighting extracted from video sources

  • Nord_Playground_8a
  • still from a-cappella performance
    An all female a-cappella group performs a set of five songs within the 'Playground' installation, including ‘Fire.'

  • Nord_Playground_7
  • still from 'Sculthorpe Requiem' performance
    The six movements of the ‘Sculthorpe Requiem’ are played on cello, modulated by interplanetary video footage from NASA converted to LED lighting.

    Ninette Paloma and the Santa Barbara Centre for Aerial Dance
    Moira Saxena, Samantha Gerraty, and the UCSB Dance Department
    Santa Barbara Soundwaves
    Now Hear Ensemble: Anthony Garcia, Adriane Hill, Jonathan Morgan
    Kathryn Carlson

    photos: Alec Hartnett, Eliot Oppenheimer, Danial Nord, Spencer Bruttig

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