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    Cloud Nine, 2018
    Sculptural media installation for the Torrance Art Museum
    Each of the suspended figures is drawn from a news-based persona: Businessman, Gunman, Mother, Alien, Illegal, Angel - activated by luminous media signals that travel from their smartphone through their body. The dialogue between high and low-tech elements resonates throughout the installation: advanced electronics and synthetic materials are integrated with coastal flotsam and jetsam and sticks and stones. 'Cloud Nine' is a complex fusion of custom electronics and experimental processes, used to create a vivid portrait of 21st century hyperculture.
    dimensions variable - computer, LEDs, mixed electronics, polycarbonates, paint, found materials

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  • Nord_CloudNine_2
  • Cloud Nine, 2018, still, in situ

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  • Cloud Nine, 2018, still, in situ

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  • Cloud Nine, 2018, still, in situ

  • Nord_CloudNine_5
  • Cloud Nine, 2018, still, in situ

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